PEP S-WHLB – Replacement needle for Shure Whitelabel

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The PEP S-WHLB is a rebuild replacement needle for the no longer available Shure Whitelabel pickup system. This legendary system is characterized by its perfect club suitability and its outstanding sound characteristics.

Unfortunately the system was discontinued by Shure and therefore the possibility to get suitable replacement needles. But we remedy the situation: The PEP S-WHLB is fully compatible with the Shure Whitelabel System and has the same sound characteristics as the original. So you can breathe new life into your beloved whitelabel system with the right replacement needle.

  • Replacement stylus, fully compatible with the Shure Whitelabel pickup system
  • Excellent sound characteristics and powerful sound
  • Excellent tracking accuracy
  • Ideal for Club/House/Electro/Techno and all electronic genres
  • Low wear and high durability
  • Material: diamond, tipped
  • Cut: spherical
  • Rec. support weight 1.5 – 3.0 g

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